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Interior Design

Our interior designers and our in-house technical experts are committed to creating a user centered, aesthetic and functional dining space. These dining space requirements intuitive, simple and humanized. We specialize in providing 360 ° full range of catering interior design services, that is, providing end-to-end catering workplace solutions, specifically covering branding, MEP, AV, it, sustainability, safety and employee health. We work with customers at every stage of the project, including providing them with guidance to create an innovation space that accurately reflects their company's brand values and culture.

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Catering Consultant

riane catering gathers experienced talents and starts with brand strategy to do impression design, process training and management, market planning, etc. for enterprises, and assist enterprises in building a "enterprise Dream Theme Restaurant" within 60 days! It also provides the planning of shopping malls and catering streets, and provides value-added solutions for activating business districts and value-added real estate projects.

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Kitchen Design

The kitchen space we designed can provide more convenience for chefs and kitchen staff. We create a powerful, industry-leading workspace, maximize efficiency, and integrate with the overall design of the restaurant in a beautiful and harmonious way. Learn about the functions of our kitchen area. We listen to the needs of our customers. We are good at communication and know how to create a first-class kitchen environment.

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